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Family: Activities To Do With Children, Nature And Landscape

Family: Activities to do with children, nature and landscape

If anything worries us in Turisa Galicia, it is the future. And the children are the future; this is why we also think about them in our routes. We want to open the Ribeira Sacra to curiosity and the desire to learn from the little ones of the family.

Our proposal

  • Teimende Chocolate Museum House (Parada de Sil). A museum that will delight the sweet tooth, teaching the process of making Chocolates Caldelas, a company that worked with cocoa in the area until 1984.
  • Cheese shop Touza Vella; we offer the opportunity for children to meet and interact in a goat farm, where they make cheeses that were awarded at the Cheese Awards 2017.
  • Pottery of Gundivós: Visit to the Rectory of Gundivós, with live pottery demonstration as well as a complete ethnographic explanation of the environment surrounding Elías, the potter. The best way to connect children with the past and present of Ribeira Sacra.
  • Tourist train Aba Sacra: A tour on a small train through the Sil River Canyon will appeal to children and adults.

Your extras

** Price not included in the base route. The price shown below for each extra will be added to the starting price.

  • Meals: Restaurant O Merenzao (Doade, Sober). Products from the Ribeira Sacra where flavour and quality prevail.
  • Kayak: From Turisa Galicia we offer the opportunity for parents and children to share the experience of a kayak and paddling through the waters of the Sil River, an ideal way to strengthen family ties. (Price per person 20 €).
  • Catamaran: Enjoy a boat ride through the waters of the Sil Canyon and admire the beauty of the landscape. (Price per person 20 €).
  • Escape Room: We challenge you to leave Casa dos Muros in less than an hour following the clues offered. Will you manage to escape? (Price per person 20 €).
From: 79.00 €
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